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May we introduce? Your business catering service in Berlin! We deliver from finger food to BBQ, from lunch to Christmas party.


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BBQ tastes best when the sun is shining and the grill is sizzling. Our BBQ caterings bring exactly this flair to your next company party. Whether steak or sausage, potatoes or vegetables – we deliver grilled food that is so delicious that it should actually be called Grillbesser.


Whether hot or cold, sweet or savoury, small or large – buffet catering suits every occasion and taste. They are particularly popular with guests because everyone can put together their own dishes as they wish.


We are all about catering for corporate events of all kinds. Business catering can be many things: Breakfast, business lunch, snacks for meetings or an entire summer party. Only one thing is certain: it will be delicious.


Is this still a company party or already a culinary short break? This is where the boundaries become blurred. Perfect for summer parties, company anniversaries, Christmas parties and business events of all kinds.


Whether savoury or sweet – everyone loves finger food! The bite-sized morsels are artfully arranged and quickly eaten. Finger food catering is the perfect companion for all events where food is more of a secondary matter.


When the food truck catering arrives, hunger is at its peak. Many trucks specialise in street food. Depending on your wishes, you can order the truck directly to your event or simply in front of the office. It doesn’t get fresher than this. Not hipper anyway.


The early bird gets the worm! But who can taste gold? We prefer fresh baked goods, cold cuts, fruit, vegetables and anything else you might want for breakfast. For a delicious start to the day.


Trade fairs are exciting – and energy-sapping. Our trade fair caterings fill empty energy stores and ensure a good mood for guests and exhibitors. The ideal accompaniment for successful trade fair days and exciting conversations.


No food, no party! At your next company party, we’ll bring delicious snacks and food that will give you energy for any night, no matter how long it is. This can be a buffet, finger food or even a food truck. Your party, your rules.


Spoil your team with delicious catering! Perfect for meetings, the break in between or the meal afterwards. A meal together strengthens team cohesion and rewards your employees for their good work.


Purely plant-based and absolutely delicious! Vegan caterings are particularly healthy and bursting with vitamins. With high-quality food and a lot of finesse, our catering partners conjure up unforgettable vegan delicacies for your corporate catering.


Meat was yesterday. The future belongs to vegetarian dishes! Not only are they better for the planet, but they also rival their meaty relatives in taste. Vegetarian caterings are available, for example, as finger food or buffets with different dishes.


If you want to dine in a very classic way at Christmas, there is only one thing that can go on your plate: Duck leg! If you would rather eat something unusual, vegetarian or vegan, our caterers will of course also cater for you.


What does a catering service cost?

The cost of a catering service depends on many factors, such as the type of event, number of guests, the food desired and the scope of the catering services.

A simple finger food buffet for 20 people, for example, could be 300 to 500 euros, a multi-course menu for a company party with 100 guests several thousand euros.

Additional requests such as service staff, crockery hire or decoration can increase the price.

To get an exact price idea, we recommend using our online service. There you will receive a customised offer within a short time.

What types of catering are there?

There are many different types of catering, depending on the occasion and your needs. Here are some of the most common types of catering:

  • Event catering: Event catering is tailored to the requirements of large events such as conferences or company celebrations. Multi-course menus or buffets are particularly popular here.
  • Finger food caterings: These are caterings with snack-sized dishes that can easily be eaten with the hands, such as canapés, bruschetta or mini burgers.
  • Business catering: These caterings are our speciality! They particularly address common events in companies. For example, sandwiches and fruit go well with meetings. Buffets look good at larger events. Finger food is a good choice for networking events.
  • Party catering: This type of catering is ideal for corporate parties and social events such as company celebrations, anniversaries or champagne receptions. Here, our catering partners often offer finger food, salads or buffets.
  • Trade fair catering: These caterings are specially designed for trade fairs and exhibitions. If there is a lot of foot traffic, small snacks and refreshments are often suitable so that visitors can get something to eat quickly.
  • Team catering: Team catering is suitable for small or large teams, to whom we usually deliver lunch or breakfast.

You can find many more caterings above this FAQ section!

What makes CaterMatch stand out as a catering service?

CaterMatch’s catering service is specifically designed to meet the needs of corporate clients. Special features include, for example:

  • Quote in two hours: After interested parties have filled out the online form, CaterMatch sends them a quote within two hours (within business hours). This way, potential customers can plan their catering in no time at all.
  • Hand-picked catering partners: CaterMatch does not prepare the caterings itself, but arranges the caterings with hand-picked catering partners who have been put through their paces. This means that CaterMatch can also respond to customer requests at short notice and offer a wide range of dishes.
In which cities is catering delivered?

We currently deliver exclusively in Berlin.

Are crockery, service staff and furniture offered for catering?

Crockery, cutlery, glasses and service staff can be provided by most of our partners. Furniture mostly only in the form of bar tables, beer benches and buffet tables. Anything beyond that can only be implemented by a few caterers! If you have any special requests, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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