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Event-Catering in Berlin

For business customers: Within 2 hours* we’ll send you
a suitable catering offer for your event catering in Berlin.

* applies during business hours

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Tomaten Salat mit Croutons, Event-Catering

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Event-Catering in Berlin:
It's that simple

Quick selection

You tell us when, how and where you plan your event catering in just 6 steps.

Offer in 2 hours

We will send you a suitable offer from one of our catering partners within 2 hours*.

You decide

If you are satisfied with the offer, webook your event catering – and that’s it!

* applies during business hours

Event-Catering in Berlin:

Make your event a treat

Diverse Häppchen mit Lachs und Gemüse, Event Catering

Do you know the golden rule for good events in Berlin? It applies to corporations as well as start-ups. It goes like this: He who sows good food will reap happy guests! That’s exactly what we do: we deliver delicious buffets for your company parties, crispy finger food for your conferences and fresh gourmet treats for all other events.

With our event caterings you don’t have to search through several pages of caterers until you find something suitable. Instead, just tell us what you want and we will find the perfect caterer for your event in Berlin! We will send you an offer within just 2 hours.

Warme Buffet Schalen, Event Catering

Meetings, seminars, conferences:

Catering for business events

Exciting discussions and interesting lectures make you hungry! Whether meeting, seminar, conference or trade fair – we will find the perfect event catering for your event in Berlin in no time. It easer to listen with a full stomach.

Mehrere Personen an einem langem Tisch am Essen, Event Catering

Catering as Incentive


With great achievements comes great appetite. Reward your employees with delicious buffets, tasty fingerfood or sweet bites. A feast for all who have earned it.

Croissant Häppchen, Event Catering

Catering for workshops:


In workshops your head rattles until smoke comes out off your ears. Regular nutrition keeps the machine running. So we provide your workshops in Berlin with delicious event catering! Of course, this also applies to product presentations and other meetings.

Sektanstoß, Event Catering

Anniversary Catering:

Happy anniversary to you!

The company is celebrating its anniversary? Congratulations! On this special day, you can treat yourself, your staff and everyone invited to special treats. Our event catering for your anniversary – for spoiled tongues and happy bellies.

Fingerfood Häppchen, Event Catering

Your event catering is not included?

We'll do it anyway

Are you planning a summer party, a Christmas party, an Easter special or another event for your company that does not appear here? Don’t worry – we’ll probably deliver anyway! We will be happy to advise you personally on your options.


For which events is catering offered?

Our partners offer catering for many types of corporate events. Here are some examples:

  • Business meetings and conferences: Catering service can be provided for breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks or dinner.
  • Company celebrations: anniversaries, Christmas parties, New Year celebrations, summer parties or other special occasions.
  • Product presentations and sales events: Catering can create a pleasant atmosphere for customers and guests.
  • Teambuilding and staff outings: food and drinks for outdoor activities or workshops.
  • Trade fair and exhibition events: Catering for exhibitors, visitors and event staff.
  • Company anniversaries: caterings to celebrate milestones in the company’s history.
  • Training courses and seminars: Food and snacks for participants and speakers during breaks or at the end of the day.
  • Works meetings: Catering for staff attending these important meetings.
  • Networking events: Food and drinks for events where business people network and socialise.

Which catering suits best (e.g. finger food or buffet) varies depending on the type of event, budget, number of participants and individual preferences. The catering can range from simple snacks and drinks to multi-course menus and gourmet dishes. We usually work closely with our corporate clients to create the right menu for their events.

What is special about event catering?

Compared to normal event catering, we pay attention to some special features in our corporate event catering in order to cater to the special requirements of companies. These include, for example:

  • Adaptability: Corporate catering takes place in very different locations. And they have to fit into different budgets. That is why we attach great importance to flexibility and creativity in our catering partners.
  • Professionalism: Corporate clients expect a high level of professionalism. Communication and processes must be simple and smooth. A catering service should make life easier, not harder.
  • Quality and presentation: At corporate events, emphasis is placed on high-quality food and an appealing presentation. That’s why event catering has to be convincing both in terms of taste and appearance.
  • Punctuality: Timetables are even more important in the business world than in private life, so it is important that the process is well organised – both on our side and yours.
  • Menu variety: At corporate events, you will often find participants with different dietary needs. In advance we should discuss which flavours, dietary requirements and allergies we should take into account.
  • Networking and atmosphere: Many corporate events focus on networking. The catering contributes to a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in which people enjoy exchanging ideas and socialising.
Which dishes are the most popular?

The popularity of food at corporate caterings can vary depending on the region, culture and individual preferences of the participants. But of course there are perennial favourites at corporate events:

  • Finger food: canapés, sandwiches, mini quiches, dumplings, sushi rolls and other small, bite-sized snacks are very popular at corporate events. The reason: guests can chat and network during the meal.
  • Salads and starters: Fresh and varied salads or antipasti platters offer a good choice of healthy and light options that are not too heavy on the stomach.
  • Sandwiches and wraps: Sandwiches, baguettes or wraps with different fillings are easy to serve and suit many tastes and dietary preferences.
  • Hot main courses: Buffets with a variety of hot dishes that include meat, fish, poultry and vegetarian or vegan options are very popular at corporate events. Often pasta, rice or noodle dishes are also offered, which can easily be prepared in large quantities.
  • Desserts: A selection of sweet treats such as cakes, pastries, mousses, fruit kebabs or chocolate fountains round off the catering and ensure a successful end to the meal.
  • Refreshments and drinks: Coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices and water are standard drinks at corporate events. Alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer or cocktails are suitable depending on the type of event and company culture.

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