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* applies during business hours

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Event-Catering in Berlin:
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We will send you a suitable offer by one of our catering partners within 2 hours*.

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* applies during business hours

Event-Catering in Berlin:

Make your event a treat

Do you know the golden rule for good events in Berlin? It applies to corporations as well as start-ups. It goes like this: He who sows good food will reap happy guests! That’s exactly what we do: we deliver delicious buffets for your company parties, crispy finger food for your conferences and fresh gourmet treats for all other events.

With our event caterings you don’t have to search through several pages of caterers until you find something suitable. Instead, just tell us what you want and we will find the perfect caterer for your event in Berlin! We will send you an offer within just 2 hours.


Meetings, seminars, conferences:

Catering for business events

Exciting discussions and interesting lectures make you hungry! Whether meeting, seminar, conference or trade fair – we will find the perfect event catering for your event in Berlin in no time. It easer to listen with a full stomach.


Catering as Incentive


With great achievements comes great appetite. Reward your employees with delicious buffets, tasty fingerfood or sweet bites. A feast for all who have earned it.


Catering for workshops:


In workshops your head rattles until smoke comes out off your ears. Regular nutrition keeps the machine running. So we provide your workshops in Berlin with delicious event catering! Of course, this also applies to product presentations and other meetings.


Anniversary Catering:

Happy anniversary to you!

The company is celebrating its anniversary? Congratulations! On this special day, you can treat yourself, your staff and everyone invited to special treats. Our event catering for your anniversary – for spoiled tongues and happy bellies.


Your event catering is not included?

We'll do it anyway

Are you planning a summer party, a Christmas party, an Easter special or another event for your company that does not appear here? Don’t worry – we’ll probably deliver anyway! We will be happy to advise you personally on your options.

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