Vegetarian Catering in Berlin

For business customers: We’ll send you a catering offer for your vegetarian or vegan catering in Berlin within 2 hours*.

* applies during business hours

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Vegetarian / Vegan Catering in Berlin:
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We will send you a suitable offer by one of our catering partners within 2 hours*.

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* applies during business hours

Vegetarian catering in Berlin:

Delicious without meat

Who needs meat for a delicious meal? Our caterers create vegetarian delicacies that will make your mouth water. The menus include finger food or entire buffets.

Of course, the whole thing is also available as pure vegan catering in Berlin. That means: 100% plant-based and without animal products. With healthy superfoods, lots of vitamins and delicious treats for your vegan breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or meeting. Mmmh.


Meeting, conference, convention:

Vegetarian catering for B2B

Whether it’s a snack at a meeting or lunch at a conference – vegetarian catering is suitable for all kinds of meat-free events. Of course, this also applies to company parties, Christmas celebrations and all other business events.


Vegan Catering in Berlin:

Tasty without meat

It’s no longer a secret for vegan people: vegan catering can be so varied and delicious that all guests are full and happy in the end. All dishes are free of animal products and 100 % vegan.


Fingerfood, Buffet & More

Veggie love all around town

Vegetarian and vegan treats come in all forms. As fingerfood, canapés, wraps, salads, sweets or as a whole buffet with a little bit of everything. You can start small – or order a vegetarian catering in Berlin for the whole company right away.

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