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BBQ & Grill-Catering in Berlin

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Tomaten Salat mit Croutons, Event-Catering

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BBQ & Grill-Catering in Berlin:
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BBQ-Catering in Berlin:

It tastes best from the grill

Rippchen mit Brot und sauren Gurken, BBQ & Grill-Catering

Meat and vegetables develop a full flavour when cooked on the grill. So it’s no surprise that our BBQ caterings are particularly popular with companies. Especially in summer, company parties and the three magic letters BBQ go together perfectly.

If you want to avoid meat, simply eat a jacket potato from the grill, spicy marinated grilled vegetables or meat substitute made from soya instead. One for BBQ, BBQ for all!

Grill, BBQ & Grill-Catering

With personnel & equipment:

BBQ catering for festivities

Convenient: For all your company celebrations, summer parties and BBQ events, cooking staff and equipment is included. You can sit back and enjoy the sun while experienced grill masters cook the food to perfection. Tasty, but true.

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Drinks on demand

When temperatures climb and the sun is shining, the next thirst is never far away. To satisfy it, you can book cold beers, water, juices and soft drinks. Red and white wine are of course also on offer.

Diverses Fleisch auf dem Grill

Burgers, steaks, sausages:

Barbecue for meat lovers

In German we have a saying: “It’s all about the sausage”. Grilled sausages are popular BBQ catering classics, just like burgers, steaks and fillets. Our caterers prepare them fresh and hot for you. A true delight for all meat lovers.

Grillgemüse, BBQ & Grill-Catering

Grilled vegetables and co:

Tasty for veggies

Would you prefer vegetarian catering in Berlin? No problem! Vegetarians get their money’s worth at the barbecue catering. With delicious skewers, grilled vegetables, corn on the cob, halloumi and everything your heart desires.

Plan B:

Ready-made BBQ menus

Do you prefer to choose your BBQ directly? Then click this way.

Steak auf dem Holzkohlegrill, BBQ & Grill-Catering


What makes BBQ catering special?

The big difference between BBQ catering and “normal” catering is obvious – it takes place outdoors! That is why it is particularly suitable for events that take place in warm temperatures. Here are other features that make BBQ catering special:

  • Live grilling: The live grilling of food on site. This not only ensures freshly prepared, hot food, but also has a certain entertainment value.
  • Atmosphere: BBQ catering often creates an informal and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for social events such as company picnics or summer parties.
  • Variety of dishes: BBQ catering offers a wide range of grilled food such as meat, fish, vegetables and even fruit. Marinades, spices and sauces provide additional flavour variety and can be adapted to the preferences of the guests.
  • Vegetarian & vegan options: BBQ catering doesn’t have to be meat-focused. Vegetarian and vegan options such as vegetable kebabs, grilled portobello mushrooms or vegan burgers can also be offered to satisfy all guests.
  • Side dishes and salads: BBQ catering usually includes a selection of side dishes and salads to complement the choice of grilled main courses. These include, for example, potato salad, coleslaw, bean salad or mixed leaf salads.
  • Finger food character: Many BBQ dishes can easily be eaten with the hands or a fork, which makes them ideal for events where guests do not necessarily have to sit at tables.
What is the difference between BBQ Catering and Grill Catering?

In classic American BBQ, the meat is often prepared in the smoker. With our catering, the name is more of a formality – BBQ and grill catering mean the same thing.

Are there vegetarian and vegan barbecue options?

Of course! There is a wide range of grilled dishes that do not contain meat or even animal products. Here are some vegetarian classics from the grill:

  • Vegetable skewers: A colourful mix of grilled vegetables such as peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, aubergines and onions served on skewers.
  • Grilled portobello mushrooms: Large portobello mushrooms are a meaty, tasty alternative to steak or burgers.
  • Vegan burgers: Vegan burgers made from plant-based ingredients such as lentils, chickpeas, soy or pea protein.
  • Vegan sausages: Vegan sausages made from ingredients such as soy, seitan or pea protein.
  • Grilled tofu or tempeh: Tofu or tempeh are a protein-rich, vegan alternative to meat or fish.
  • Grilled corn on the cob: A classic vegetarian barbecue side dish that can be served with vegan butter or herbs.
  • Stuffed peppers & tomatoes: Peppers or tomatoes can be stuffed with a filling of rice, quinoa, couscous.
  • Grilled fruit: Grilled fruit such as pineapple, peaches or watermelon.
  • Vegan cheese alternatives: Vegan cheese alternatives can also be grilled, for example on vegetable skewers or as a topping for vegan burgers.
On which occasions is barbecue catering offered?

Barbecue catering suits many summer corporate events. Fresh air and juicy barbecue is a time-honoured recipe for happy customers and staff. Here are some examples of corporate events where barbecue catering goes down well:

  • Company picnics and summer parties: Barbecue catering is ideal for company picnics, summer parties or other outdoor events where employees and guests have the opportunity to exchange ideas and relax in a casual atmosphere.
  • Team-building events: At team-building activities or events, barbecue catering can promote fellowship and cooperation among employees.
  • Product presentations and launch events: Barbecue catering can create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere at product presentations and launch events – as long as the event takes place outside.
  • Company parties and company celebrations: Grill catering is also a good option for company parties and company celebrations where employees can meet and celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Trainings and workshops: For trainings and workshops, barbecue catering can be offered as lunch or dinner to give participants a tasty break from learning activities and fresh energy for the rest of the event.

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