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Buffet-Catering in Berlin

For business customers: We will send you a suitable catering offer for your buffet catering in Berlin within 2 hours*.

* applies during business hours

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Buffet-Catering in Berlin:
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You tell us when, how and where you plan your buffet catering in just 6 steps.

Offer in 2 hours

We will send you a suitable offer by one of our catering partners within 2 hours*.

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If you are satisfied with the offer, we book your buffet catering – and that’s it!

* applies during business hours

Buffet-Catering in Berlin:

The classic with self-service

Buffet catering in Berlin is the absolute classic among our catering services. The advantages: individual composition, large selection and easy self-service. This makes buffet catering the ideal solution for corporate events of all kinds.

Buffet catering is a favourite with staff. You can choose according to your taste, pick out favourites or simply try a little bit of everything. By the way: buffet caterings are often cheaper than seated dinners.


Conferences, seminars, meetings:

Buffet catering for events in Berlin

After a long lecture or workshop, nothing beats a hearty meal at a colorful buffet. This replenishes your energy and refreshes tired brain cells. Thinking is much easier with a full stomach than it is with an empty one.


Light to hearty:

Buffet for every taste

A hearty buffet catering for breakfast? Or would you prefer a light buffet for the evening? Anything is possible. Our caterers offer buffet options from starters to dessert. Of course, fingerfood buffets are also available.


Vegetarian & Vegan:

Buffet catering without meat

Our buffet catering in Berlin is available in many variations, for example as a mixture of vegetarian and meat dishes, but also as a purely vegan or vegetarian buffet.
Your wish is our command.

Plan B:

Ready-made buffet menus

You want to choose your finger food directly? Then click this way.

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