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Caesar-Hühnchen Salat
Gebratenes Hähnchen mit Pilzen und Paprika serviert mit Reis.

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No truck is more popular than the food truck! The driver turns out to be a cook, the cargo a delicacy. What more could you want? Your employees will be queuing up before the engine has even stopped. With a wide range of cuisines, food trucks can cater to many dietary needs and preferences. Everyone gets their money’s worth.

Drei Foodtrucks geparkt vor mehreren Bänken, Teil eines Veganen Caterings.



Whether at the event location, at the office building or at the roadside: there is always room for a food truck. This makes food trucks particularly flexible for event catering. Even last-minute location or plan changes are no problem for the mobile kitchens.

Foodtruck Mitarbeiter bei der Zubereitung seiner Zutaten im Rahmen eines Foodtruck Caterings.



Being served delicacies from a food truck is unusual for many people – and therefore also a special experience. This stays in the mind and gets around: the guests will also tell their friends about it.

Zur Abholung fertige Gerichte eines Foodtruck Caterers.



Food truck caterings are often cheaper than classic buffet caterings. On the one hand, a food truck usually needs fewer staff, and on the other hand, additional requirements such as tables, tablecloths and containers for keeping prepared food warm are no longer necessary.

Mitarbeiter eines Foodtruck Caterings bei der Essensübergabe eines Burgers.



Organising and setting up and dismantling a food truck is convenient: park the food truck, prepare the food, done. All the ingredients, from setting up to clearing away, cost very little time and therefore also make it easier for the organiser.


What does food truck catering cost?

The price for a food truck catering starts at about 1000 €. It depends on factors such as the type of food, number of guests, duration of the event and location. Service staff, decoration or packaging may add costs, but are optional.

What food is available at the food truck catering?

Foodtruck catering offers a wide range of dishes that vary depending on the catering partner. Some popular dishes are burgers, burritos and street food in general. In addition, many food trucks also offer Asian dishes such as ramen or sushi. Sweet treats like waffles or crepes are also among the favourites.

What is special about street food catering for companies?

Street food catering has a relaxed and informal atmosphere that is particularly well suited to team events, customer meetings or internal celebrations. Compared to traditional catering, street food catering has many dishes that are freshly prepared on site.

In addition, street food catering can be adapted to many locations and types of events. Food trucks can park in car parks, courtyards and other outdoor areas, making them a good choice for outdoor events or events in unusual locations.

Street food caterings are often unique experiences that their visitors remember fondly. This can strengthen employee or customer loyalty and have a positive effect on the image of the organiser.

How long should the food trucks stay for a business event?

How long food trucks should stay at a business event depends entirely on your planning. Should the event last all day or just for a few hours? For smaller events, 2-3 hours can be sufficient.

If the event is longer, it might make sense to book the food trucks for the entire period or combine several suppliers to offer a greater variety of dishes.

We recommend developing a plan together in advance that is tailored to the specific requirements of your event.

How many food trucks should be booked for a business event?

How many food trucks you should book depends on various factors: the size of the event, number of guests and the desired range of food – everything plays a role. For a smaller business event with about 50 to 100 guests, one or two food trucks might be enough. For larger events with several hundred or thousand guests, you should book more food trucks accordingly. We recommend that you discuss the number of food trucks with us in advance so that there is enough food for all guests and there are no long waiting times.

How long does it take for the food trucks to be ready to serve food?

As a rule, the caterers need 1-2 hours to set up and prepare the food trucks. Preparation includes setting up kitchen equipment and utensils, firing up the grill and cooker, and setting up tables, tents and other equipment. We recommend coordinating the preparation time in advance so that the food trucks can serve food as soon as the guests arrive.

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