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Christmas party catering

Christmas-Catering in Berlin

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Christmas-Catering in Berlin:
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Christmas catering in Berlin:

Even Satan gets weak in his knees

Weinachtsfeier Catering

Why does Santa have such a big belly? Well, because the Christmas catering at his company party is so delicious! And that’s exactly what our catering partners deliver: delicious catering for your Christmas party in Berlin.

Depending on your wishes, our caterers will serve a varied buffet or bite-sized finger foodfor your Christmas party. This is a tasteful and relaxed way to end the year with your colleagues – and with festive and delicious catering.


From 30 persons

Christmas party for your company

Whether catering to the office or a Christmas party for the entire staff – our caterers deliver delicious buffets for Christmas parties for 30 people or more. The Christmas catering is served directly in your office or in a location of your choice.

Weinachtsfeier Catering

Christmas in diverse

Duck good, all is well

If you want to dine in a very classic way at Christmas, there is only one thing that can go on your plate: Duck leg! If you would rather eat something unusual, vegetarian or vegan, our caterers will of course also cater for you.

Weinachtsfeier Catering

Christmas party catering

It tastes good outside too

Fed up with indoor partying? Then how about a mini Christmas market with various stalls? Not only does it create a special Christmas atmosphere at your party, it also reduces the risk of infection with Covid.


Which dishes are delivered at the Christmas catering?

Which dishes are delivered depends on your wishes on the one hand and on the offer of our catering partners on the other. This can vary somewhat from year to year, but there are dishes that are often delivered at Christmas caterings. These include, for example:


  • Canapés and finger food: puff pastry pies, mini quiches, stuffed mushrooms, salmon rolls or vegetarian and vegan alternatives.
  • Soups: Pumpkin soup, potato leek soup or a festive baked apple soup.
  • Salads: Winter salads with nuts, dried fruit, goat cheese or pomegranate seeds.

Main courses:

  • Traditional roast: Roast goose, roast turkey or roast ham with various side dishes such as red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, potato dumplings or jacket potatoes.
  • Vegetarian and vegan options: Stuffed pumpkin, nut roast, lentil roast or mushroom Wellington.
  • Fish dishes: Baked salmon, cod or fish fillet with festive side dishes or sauces.


  • Potato dishes: potato dumplings, jacket potatoes, potato gratin or mashed sweet potatoes.
  • Vegetables: Glazed carrots, green beans, Brussels sprouts or stuffed peppers.
  • Sauces: cranberry sauce, gravy, red wine sauce or various chutneys.


  • Christmas pudding: fruit cake, stollen or panettone.
  • Sweet treats: biscuits, gingerbread, chocolate truffles or marzipan potatoes.
  • Creamy desserts: baked apple tiramisu, panna cotta with mulled wine jelly or chocolate mousse.


  • Warm drinks: mulled wine, punch, cider or hot cocoa.
  • Coffee and tea: Various coffee specialities, tea selection and possibly Christmas biscuits to accompany.
  • Alcoholic beverages: champagne, prosecco, wine or beer, depending on the customer’s wishes and the type of event.
From how many people will a Christmas catering be delivered?

That also depends on which of our catering partners they choose. Some partners deliver from as little as 30 people!

What should not be missing at a Christmas company party?

A successful Christmas party stands and falls with the planning. It should create a festive atmosphere where staff can relax, celebrate and end the year together. These ingredients should not be missing:

  • Festive decorations: Decorate the venue with Christmas decorations such as fairy lights, fir branches, Christmas tree baubles and candles to create a Christmassy atmosphere.
  • Christmas music: A selection of Christmas carols and festive music in the background helps to emphasise the Christmas character.
  • Festive catering: Ensure that there is a selection of festive food and drinks to provide guests with a culinary experience. This can be a buffet, a set menu or finger food.
  • Drinks: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as mulled wine, punch, sparkling wine, wine, beer and non-alcoholic alternatives are the centrepiece of any Christmas party!
  • Entertainment: Plan joint activities or entertainment such as cooking together, a live band, a DJ, karaoke, games or a raffle to keep guests entertained and build team spirit.
  • Thank you speech: The management can give a short speech to thank the staff for their hard work and commitment during the year.
  • Photo opportunities: Provide a photo booth or a professional photographer to capture and share the memories of the celebration beyond the private mobile phone.
  • Space for conversation: Make sure there is enough seating for staff to relax and talk to each other.
  • Gifts or recognition: Consider giving employees small gifts, such as homemade Christmas biscuits, or special awards for special achievements during the year.

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