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Fingerfood-Catering in Berlin

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Vegetarische Frikadellen, Fingerfood Catering
Gebratenes Hähnchen mit Pilzen und Paprika mit Reis serviert, Fingerfood Catering

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Fingerfood-Catering in Berlin:
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Fingerfood catering in Berlin:

Small but mighty!

Tofu Häppchen, Fingerfood Catering

Small in form, big in taste – that’s fingerfood catering! From mini-cheeseburgers to antipasti and biscuits, the small delicacies enrich every event. Fingerfood – also known as canapé – is fun, quick to eat and perfect for sociable business events and get-togethers.

With fingerfood caterings by our caterers, your guests can enjoy a variety of dishes without being full after the first portion. Of course, there are also many vegetarian catering or vegan finger food options on offer.

Häppchen, Fingerfood Catering

Conferences, seminars, events:

Finger food catering always goes

Nothing is easier to eat than fingerfood. The small bites come in glasses, on spoons or plates. They are eaten quickly and do not get in the way of communication. Guests can turn to the next conversation in an instant.

Kavier Häppchen, Fingerfood Catering

Light to hearty:

Fingerfood for every taste

Mini-schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn, cheesecake, currywurst, mango salad – is your mouth watering yet? Our selected caterers offer a wide variety of dishes for your finger food catering in Berlin.

Tomaten und Mozarella Spieß, Fingerfood Catering

Vegetarian & Vegan:

No meat, no problem

The fingerfood buffet doesn’t have to be all about meat! Vegetarian and vegan finger food wins hearts in an instant. We don’t want to knock sweet fingerfood à la eclair and biscuits off the menu. It simply tastes too good!

Plan B:

Ready-made finger food menus

You want to choose your finger food directly? Then click this way.

Fingerfood cocktail, Fingerfood Catering


What exactly is finger food?

Finger food refers to small, bite-sized dishes that you can eat without cutlery. Finger food is especially popular at events and parties because it is easy to serve and eat and guests can talk and move around while eating.

Finger food can include both sweet and savoury dishes and come from different cultures and cuisines. Savoury finger food includes, for example, canapés, dumplings, vegetable sticks with dip, mini burgers or skewers. Sweet finger food includes macaroons and chocolates.

For which occasions is a finger food catering suitable?

Finger food catering is particularly suitable for occasions where you want an open, informal ambience. Or, if the participants should network and talk during the meal.

Here are some examples of corporate events where finger food catering is a good fit:

  • Networking events: Between a few nibbles here and there, it’s easy to chat and network casually without having to take time for a full meal.
  • Business meetings and conferences: During coffee breaks or as a light snack before or after presentations and discussion rounds.
  • Product presentations and sales events: For events where guests and customers are to learn about new products or services in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Team building events: Finger food can be offered at outdoor activities or workshops and allows employees to share and collaborate in a casual environment.
  • Corporate parties and anniversaries: Finger food is a good choice for informal celebrations where employees and guests can move freely and interact with each other.
  • Trade fair and exhibition events: Finger food catering can be provided for exhibitors, visitors and event staff and offers a quick and convenient way to fortify yourself during the event.
  • Training courses and seminars: As a light snack for participants and speakers during breaks or at the end of the day.
  • Company meetings and corporate workshops: Finger food can offer participants a convenient and relaxed way to eat during the event.
Why is finger food the perfect catering for a business event?

Finger food is ideal for business events for the following reasons:

  • Easy networking: It’s bite-sized and requires no cutlery. This promotes a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.
  • Flexibility: Finger food can be offered at different venues and events of different sizes. It requires less space and equipment than a traditional buffet and can be easily adapted to the circumstances of the venue.
  • Variety: It offers a wide range of flavours and cultures. This allows us to accommodate different dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options.
  • Relaxed atmosphere: Finger food creates a relaxed environment that is suitable for many business events. It allows participants to move freely around the room and socialise naturally.
  • Time saving: Compared to full meals or buffets, where participants usually stay longer in one place, finger food allows for faster and more efficient eating. This is especially important for events with tight schedules.
  • Cost-conscious: Finger food can be more cost-effective than more elaborate catering options as it requires less staff, equipment and resources. This makes it an attractive option for companies with limited budgets.
  • Creativity and presentation: Finger food can be presented in a creative and visually appealing way. This can help to create a positive image for the company.

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