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Fingerfood-Catering in Berlin

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Fingerfood-Catering in Berlin:
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Fingerfood catering in Berlin:

Small but mighty!

Small in form, big in taste – that’s fingerfood catering! From mini-cheeseburgers to antipasti and biscuits, the small delicacies enrich every event. Fingerfood – also known as canapé – is fun, quick to eat and perfect for sociable business events and get-togethers.

With fingerfood caterings by our caterers, your guests can enjoy a variety of dishes without being full after the first portion. Of course, there are also many vegetarian or vegan fingerfood options on offer.


Conferences, seminars, events:

Finger food catering always goes

Nothing is easier to eat than fingerfood. The small bites come in glasses, on spoons or plates. They are eaten quickly and do not get in the way of communication. Guests can turn to the next conversation in an instant.


Light to hearty:

Fingerfood for every taste

Mini-schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn, cheesecake, currywurst, mango salad – is your mouth watering yet? Our selected caterers offer a wide variety of dishes for your finger food catering in Berlin.


Vegetarian & Vegan:

No meat, no problem

The fingerfood buffet doesn’t have to be all about meat! Vegetarian and vegan finger food wins hearts in an instant. We don’t want to knock sweet fingerfood à la eclair and biscuits off the menu. It simply tastes too good!

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Ready-made finger food menus

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